he arrived in white, as an artic fox
snuffling round, nose ground bound

seeking intelligence or some plain common sense
muscled music bleating from chrome craft

not common, such a non-earthborn, round here
by seapark, four distant shores from home

languish here and live
dive into our tangled tweeting and
brave facebooking

Patrick came here once
challenged chief ponce and

now our green welcomes your purple
meat a side issue
comfort us with swift death and
don’t bother treading softly

just make it manly and
deliver the blow willingly
we shall suffer only slightly and

wade in our poor waters
love our fishy brothers
a world to be included in your itinerary

please defeat us, please release these Irish men from
the daily toil of a thousand broken shoulders

we are glad to concede, at last
we are glad to bleed, at last
we are to be destitute no longer


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