Remember White is the creative pseudonym of Belfast poet, artist and composer Samuel Kennedy. Samuel obtained his Masters degree from St. Andrews University, specialising in the History of Art and received piano and composition tuition from Irish composer and organist Stephen McManus. He now works as a writer, artist and composer in Belfast, working outside of the mainstream.

Samuel’s written work is recognised by its careful use of metaphor and simile, with a dash of subtle humour, akin to the Irish poetic tradition.

An exploration of the visionary experience provides Samuel’s main poetic theme, with particular reference to the internal interpretation of the symbols that surround us. This inner world that we all experience he terms the ‘Internal Celestial’.

Samuel’s music is recognized by its careful use of a well tempered piano in relatively minimalist compositions, often with a touch of either European classical music or Irish folk music.

Using primarily the piano, his musical style is similar to Ludovico Einaudi and Joe Hisaishi, but his more traditional musical compositions are reminiscent of Frédéric Chopin, Erik Satie, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman.

“Still, I am conscious now that behind all this beauty, satisfying though it may be, there is some spirit hidden of which the painted forms and shapes are but modes of manifestation, and it is with this spirit that I desire to become in harmony.” Oscar Wilde