still this soul one gentle reverie harmonic scraps form a beautiful evocation a hymn to the evening Sun sufferings past and sufferings present melt into memory no thing destroyed me sanded the old shoulders, sure but no thing penetrated this soul’s purple raincoat



alone in thought deep thought crests of former waves and time in the crimson courtroom * alone playing tennis under Autumn’s strongest sun living in the car, travelling far travelling far far away from the placid shore front of a dreary Donaghadee those grey paving stones still speak of your heroic exploits on other continents … Continue reading SILENT DAYDREAM (POEM)


went down to the boundary twisting steps, sea pinks, gorse scratched these thorough thick thighs all along the way, sipped the foam at Orclock's rocky ould shore waded in, past shins, up and up went the bitter waters drank myself to a sleep climbed into the celestial realm fought stars up there fought fights that … Continue reading JOB