Darkness envelops all. In the darkness there is no time, no form, nothing manifest. All is as one, all is blackest of black. And our minds are free to imagine anything and everything within that darkness. Fears rise up within us, fantasies suddenly seem possible despite the lack of shadow and shape. Darkness is the … Continue reading ON DARKNESS (PHILOSOPHY)



one whirlwind within chairs and cassette players swirling upwards the sturdy green sofa … off to heaven roofs lifting, tiles as birds, swirling with gusto the string section hums, low, a dangerous drone soundtrack to the pandemonium above west wind has coupled with the north south and east winds battling for dominance old, oranged leaves … Continue reading PAN-DEMON-IUM (SOUL OF THE ARTIST)


turn on me, fast fish, and leap one more time for the tide is high twirl once more, fearful fish dart in the dark, so scared of the shadows slip atop the smoothed down pebbles, little one glide amongst the river gorse and splash