he arrived in white, as an artic fox snuffling round, nose ground bound seeking intelligence or some plain common sense muscled music bleating from chrome craft not common, such a non-earthborn, round here by seapark, four distant shores from home languish here and live dive into our tangled tweeting and brave facebooking Patrick came here … Continue reading THE GREEN PLANET (POEM)



alone in thought deep thought crests of former waves and time in the crimson courtroom * alone playing tennis under Autumn’s strongest sun living in the car, travelling far travelling far far away from the placid shore front of a dreary Donaghadee those grey paving stones still speak of your heroic exploits on other continents … Continue reading SILENT DAYDREAM (POEM)


turn on me, fast fish, and leap one more time for the tide is high twirl once more, fearful fish dart in the dark, so scared of the shadows slip atop the smoothed down pebbles, little one glide amongst the river gorse and splash